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Strategic Consulting Services Inc. (SCS) is a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services provider. Explore our services further by clicking on one of the areas below.

Disability Management

We help our clients identify short and long term solutions for disability management through creative strategies, thorough preparation, accountability, and a strong collaboration of resources. Learn more about our disability management services.


Our nationally certified vocational consultants provide expert knowledge and vocational rehabilitation objectivity in various legal venues. Learn more about our legal services.

Ergonomic Evaluations

We take a practical approach to ergonomics to reduce risk and ensure employee health and safety.  Our ergonomic evaluators provide real time and on-site education as well as recommendations for ergonomic improvements. Our efforts lower incident rates, decrease claim costs and improve overall physical workflow! Learn more about our ergonomic services.

Vocational Testing

We provide a well-rounded assessment to address ability to be retrained as wells as to help define viable return to work options. Our testing services include options for aptitude testing, academic status, ESL levels, GED predictor, computer skill assessments and occupational exploration. Learn more about our vocational testing services.

Employer Consulting

Vocational rehabilitation is an industry that requires stamina, endless knowledge and the ability to renew and persist in a field of daily challenges. We assist employers and third party administrators in navigating the world of worker compensation and disability management as it relates to human resource management decisions. Learn more about our employer consulting services.

Career Guidance

The SCS Career guidance program helps individuals acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives and succeed in society. Learn more about our career guidance services.

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™)

PGAP™ provides custom coaching to assist individuals in overcoming return to work barriers related to psychosocial risk factors such as catastrophizing, fear of re-injury, perceived injustice and disability beliefs. Learn more about our PGAP™ services.

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Corporate Office:
Fountain Plaza
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Federal Way WA 98003
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