Allegra Twombly, MS, CDMS

Allegra Twombly has 29+ years of experience as a vocational consultant. She has been at Strategic Consulting Services since September 2007. She has provided vocational services for Self-Insured employers as well as the Department of Labor and Industries. Allegra obtained her disability management certificate in 2003, and has managed several innovative return-to-work programs with large self-insured employers.

Allegra began working as a Vocational Consultant in 1987, taking on increasingly challenging and complex cases. Her knowledge of the industry, and natural attention to detail, has resulted in more vocational determinations being upheld when challenged. Allegra has completed claims manager training to gain a better understanding of how vocational services fit into the whole claims process. Allegra has also managed an innovative return-to-work program, attending the injured workers initial doctor’s appointment, discussing light duty return-to-work options, then coordinating a return to light duty work. She received positive feedback from both injured workers and employers during this program. Allegra graduated from Chapman University with a Master of Science degree in Human Resources. She obtained her undergraduate degree from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis on “Human Relations”.


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